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About Us

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, established in 1984, is a non-commercial 501(c)(3), public radio station broadcasting 24/7 with a schedule of news, information, music, and cultural programming. The purpose of WAMC is to serve the public, bringing award-winning news and information that is important to them, reflecting their diversity in WAMC’s programming. Since 1984, WAMC has been one of the most prolific producers of public radio programming in the US. Investing millions each year in both original programming and in NPR programming, the station has made a significant commitment to more than 500,000 monthly listeners in the Northeast. In order to support this large investment, WAMC generates income primarily through membership support, underwriting, and grants. Membership support is garnered mostly through Fund Drives, held three times each year. During a Fund Drive, regular programming is suspended until the station reaches its $1M goal, which can happen in as little as four days or sometimes extends two weeks. Underwriting support consists of business advertisements, but differs from traditional marketing in that they are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. Grant dollars are generated in support of special projects or programs. In addition programming is provided by National Public Radio, American Public Media, and other national broadcasters.


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