Bodywork Beyond Massage


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About Us

Bodywork Beyond Massage
Therapeutic Bodywork, Movement, Stress Reduction
3 Different Approaches to Increase Well-Being and Find Inner Balance

Relieve Pain
Soothe Body and Soul

Licensed Massage Therapist since 1985

Pain in your shoulders, neck, low back, knees, or feet? TMJ pain? Headaches? Trouble sleeping?
Would you like your body to move with more ease?
Would you like to feel less disrupted by stress?

Come in for a Therapeutic Bodywork session, or a session to work on bringing more ease into your movement, or a session to learn about meditation or other Stress Reduction skills.

Bodywork Beyond Massage focuses on reducing pain, releasing patterns that can create restrictions/pain, creating new patterns of ease and well-being, and educating clients/students so they can find more healthful and comfortable ways to move through their daily routines with ease, alignment, and balance.
Sessions/classes help to relieve pain, discomfort, and restrictions, and to increase physical ease, range of motion, strength, feelings of equanimity, ''inner strength'', and calmness.

''When there is less struggle to maintain balance and equilibrium, the body is more at ease and can instead use that energy to maintain proper functioning of our systems.
Without the constant struggle to maintain physical balance/adjust to physical discomfort, our bodies can find both freedom and grounding, and our ''psyche'' can release from protective holding, finding more patience, energy, and ease.''

Leave Pain Behind...Relax Deeply Into Your Soul


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