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About Us

At Sweet Music Studio, we're not just a music school; we're a gateway to a world of harmonious possibilities. Since 1986, we've been dedicated to nurturing talent, creating unforgettable melodies, and helping our Granby community embark on a lifelong journey with music.

Our approach to music education transcends simply learning tunes or mastering scales. We offer an all-encompassing musical adventure designed to enrich your life and bring joy through music. With us, you'll not only learn to play an instrument but also come to appreciate the intricate details that make music so captivating. The end result is a profound sense of accomplishment and the sheer delight of creating music.

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Our private lessons extend beyond the fundamentals of your chosen instrument. We delve into the historical significance, helping you understand the roots of your music. Whether you're plucking strings on a mandolin or gracefully guiding a bow across a violin, we guide you through the essentials, including:

Instruments We Teach

Our range of instruments and genres cater to people of all ages and backgrounds:

Violin and Viola
Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, and Octave Mandolin

Your Journey Starts Here

Step into a world of harmonious possibilities. At Sweet Music Studio, we offer personalized lessons, dynamic group classes, captivating rehearsals, and memorable recitals. Join us on a musical journey that ignites your passion and fuels your love for music.

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